Welcome to Bravida Fire & Security. We are one of the leading total suppliers of fire and security products and services in the Nordic region. Thanks to our strong local presence, consultancy, customised and packaged solutions, own products and round-the-clock support, we can handle your company's entire security needs.

At Bravida Fire & Security, we have high ambitions. For us, this means that you should feel confident in our deliveries and our services. The right security solution for your company means the right security level - at the right cost.


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Our local Bravida office can help you; we work in areas such as security, electrics, plumbing, HVAC, sprinklers and lifts and we have 160 locations throughout the Nordic region.



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Looking for a new challenge in a company that covers the Nordic region? Bravida’s organisation offers a variety of career paths and opportunities for personal development.

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